Client: Popstrukt
I was  commissioned to design and execute a social media campaign for Popstrukt’s launch in the Netherlands, leveraging the 1 April launch date. For Popstrukt’s Netherlands launch, we devised a strategic social media campaign centered around a unique 1 April giveaway. The campaign offered two customers the opportunity to win a piece of furniture for just 1 cent.
The campaign creatively showcased the journey of Popstrukt’s stock being shipped from South Africa to Amsterdam, emphasizing the brand’s identity as fun, colorful, yet practical. We utilized a collage aesthetic to reflect the brand’s playful yet functional modular designs, demonstrating how seamlessly Popstrukt’s pieces integrate into the urban lifestyle of Amsterdam. This approach not only highlighted the brand’s vibrant personality but also its practicality and adaptability to the Dutch market, driving engagement and anticipation ahead of the launch.
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